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ResearchDose: listen to your audience

ResearchDose is a business intelligence service that helps you analyze your social media campaigns and discover the latest industry trends through the use of AI technologies and communities.

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Make your strategy powerful.

Take advantage of data-driven analysis and build your brand communication: find the best topics and creators for your audience and maximize your content performance.

Trend Analysis

We analyze emerging trends on social media channels. We find trendy ideas to create impactful content for your audience.

Brand Analysis

We monitor your online positioning, your brand mentions on social media, and content engagement of your posts.

Behaviour Analysis

We identify the most used social channels by your audience, the different targets, and the best topics for your brand.

Sentiment Analysis

We measure your audience sentiment by analyzing your brand reputation and predict future purchasing intentions.

Creators Identification

We identify the best Creators for your brand to build valuable relationships with your target audience.

Customer Service

We get feedbacks and requests from your audience and we transform crisis situations into opportunities.

Ask our Community.

Activate our Community of Creators to make surveys and interviews about your brand and the latest trends. Find out how to interview the community with innovative questionnaires to get strategic insights for your next campaign.

Video Interviews

We interview our community with interactive videos to analyze engagement around your brand and the latest trends.


We create engaging surveys to analyze the community's sentiment and the latest trends around your brand.


We get feedback shared by Creators about your brand or the latest trends to find new opportunities.

Our community operates on all social channels.

Get to the heart of the analysis.

Hashtag Analysis

We find the most popular, trending and performing hashtags for your industry, your brand and your social campaign.


Use our MadTech platform to analyze social contents and activate our search service. Discover the latest trends and create successful campaigns.